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Comparing Opening Day this year to last.

When I look at Texas at the beginning of this season, I have much more optimism than I did last year at this time.  Yeah, they didn’t resign Lee, which would have been huge, but they have more to be happy about.  Lee was better in the postseason, but didn’t help the Rangers win the AL West by 9 games, going 4-6 in 15 games.  At third base they are much more improved defensively and have a chance to improve offensively at the position if Beltre produces like he did in Boston.


Mike Napoli’s role

  This spring we’ve seen Mike behind the plate, as a DH, and at 1st base against the ChiSox.  Hitting .389 this spring and a high slugging pct. are both things to look forward to for Wash and the Rangers.  Will Mike Napoli be a consistent starter probably, but not at a certain position.  Look for him to have a lot of playing time moving around the three positions.